The 33 Most Important Lists Ever Written

1. The wish list of this future Miss America.

2. Just three weeks until MoonDoggies are back!

3. Extremely accurate list of ways to be cool.

4. A baby’s complete to-do list.

5. A teenage metal band’s real set list.

6. This passive-aggressive to-do list a wife made for her husband.

7. A 6-year-old’s Christmas agenda.

8. Johnny Cash’s “THINGS TO DO TODAY!”

9. A kid’s to-do list for his dad.

10. An ominous found grocery list.

11. Literally the best day ever.

12. This old Christmas list that will bring back memories.

13. A 9-year-old’s perfect vacation plan.

14. A list for unemployed folks everywhere.

17. The agenda of any mad scientist.

18. Found at Wal-Mart.

19. Wait for it…

20. “Future predictions.”

21. Woody Guthrie’s “New Year’s Rulin’s,” 1941.

22. The bucket list of a very unique soul.

23. Things not to do, especially involving Bob Ross.


25. The most miserable week.

26. “For work”………….

28. A fascinating list of goals, written on a paper towel.

29. A boyfriend’s “help” with his girlfriend’s grocery list.

30. This future leader.

31. Seems about right.

32. Sancho has a lot to learn.

33. 7-year-olds have life figured out.

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