7 DAYS ONLY.. 457 e-books, videos and audio… AT ONE LOW BALL PRICE

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Hi Folks…

Over the years, Edmund Loh and Khai Ng have created information products.

To the tune of HUNDREDS of them.

And have been at it since 2005 (2006 for Khai). Of course, throughout time there business change directions every now and then at every turn that called for it.

Right now is one of those turns again.

And because of the latest shift in there business, they decided to retire there first generation products.

For the first time ever, they are giving the white label license to ALL 457 e-books, videos and audio

AT ONE LOW BALL PRICE never before given!

They have produced way more products but have singled these titles out because they are timeless and relevant even today. So you don’t have to worry about obsolete contents.

+PLUS This Is SO HUGE you won’t need to worry about new content to share or sell for a loooong time to come!

This is your fastest ticket to get your online empire up and running on a college student’s budget:

=> Check Out The White Label Firesale

Its only open for 7 DAYS!!

All this For $37 ( to give you an idea just 1 course was $297 when it was sold!! )

I cant encourage you enough to Grab This and get it in your library!

To Your Marketing Success,



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